I have never quantified my turnover and the costs associated with it, how can I quickly ascertain if my turnover is high?


You might have higher than acceptable turnover if:


How do I calculate the cost of my turnover?


You can take the time to gather the information as outlined in our cost calculator to get an idea of what your turnover is costing you- pages 4 and 5 in Finders Keepers, or here on our web sites "Turnover and Cost Calculator". We would also be happy to walk you through calculating your figures so you can call us too! 847-276-6010


No one is "turning over" due to the economy- this means for now I do not have a turnover problem, but my sales are down what can I do?


This is called dead weight walking……in other words, due to the economy people are "sticking" it out, not leaving their jobs but not necessarily improving their productivity or job performance quality either!

This is your cue to either review and develop your current "dead weight walking", or start to replace him or her with a more qualified professional that you will find in the unemployment lines as a result of the economy.

Finders Keepers and the HireRite system will provide you with everything you need to know in order to fairly access, develop and or replace employees when and where appropriate.


How long will it take me to implement the HireRite process?


Implementation of the complete employee life cycle management system will take as long as it takes you to hold a hiring managers meeting to explain and review the process. This usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

After management is on board and the system is in place, a 1/2 hour meeting once every other week (bi-monthly, more if your hiring frequency is higher) to review the system, how it has been followed to date, and any improvements or clarifications that need to be made is usually helpful for the first 3-6 months.