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The HireRite Employee Management System as outlined in Finders Keepers the workbook, has been developed to be a "do-it-yourself" process, which you and your management staff can implement immediately with no hardware, software, or licensing fees required. With our system you will immediately improve your recruiting, selection and management process and you won't go broke in the process!


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" I usually do not read books of this nature, but once I opened this I had a hard time putting it down, AWESOME! It is required reading with all of my managers! Easy to follow, light on the eyes and makes great sense! I highly recommend it "

McGrath Auto Group LogoJohn Francek
COO McGrath Auto Group
Elgin, IL


" great results in a fast paced environment with very high integrity! "

Greg Turner
JMA, Inc.


" Finders Keepers: How To Find And Keep The Most Qualified Sales And Customer Service Employees", a book every dealership manager should read is full of great hiring and employee retention tips "

Mark Rodriguez
President - Auto Client Care, LLC


" on top of all of the latest trends in recruiting, hiring, and training automotive salepeople, Finders Keepers offers a plan with which to retain salespeople and greatly reduce turnover! "

Bill Forbes


" highly recommended! "

Ed Kovalchik