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Wendi Venable - President

Wendi Venable - PresidentWendi Venable President of HireRite, Inc. authored Finders Keepers, "How to find and keep the best sales and customer service professionals" after identifying that most business owners had very little if any processes in place to attract, recruit, interview, hire and manage sales and customer service people.

This factor is the single most reason for costly turnover and low customer satisfaction in sales and service driven companies. "If you hire anybody, treat them like a nobody, it will effect everybody!"

The workbook Finders Keepers and its simple outline for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and managing will help an employer simplify his or her process and ultimately hire and retain more productive employees.

"I saw the need for an affordable solution for the average business owner. Business owners today are spinning ten plates on a shoe string budget while "hoping" for growth and stability. Hope is not a plan. I gave them the plan."

HireRite's provides a total business solution outlined in the workbook Finders Keepers. A business owner can use the workbook as a complete do-it-yourself guide at a cost of less than $40 - or if a business owner would prefer hands on assistance HireRite provides that as well. "Finders Keepers" provides the road map; the client decides whether they need roadside assistance and if they do we can help with that too!